Technological Start Ups

Welcome to the next day of your life: today. It starts tomorrow.

And what will you do with it? How would I know? You should have thought about that before. It’s all just a power play, like Mr T or Garfield.

But if you do decide to login and kickstart a start up, do it with technology. Otherwise, you’ll be behind the bell curve. This is a curve.

Which brings me to the next topic: Guts. And that reminds me of another topic: de-risking data centric anomaly models. And finally: the finale.

I hope you learned during this process, that there are things who matter just based on the way they are. But not just the way they are, but the way their ways are. Anyways, there we are.

Mobile computer for mobility

Good morning ladies and gentlemen and/or boys, this is me. And not in the tv sense, just the real sense. What i’m saying is: this.

Imagine you have a computer, but it goes with you on vacation and to the wig store. You can type or click, and it’s right there. I’m not talking about fake things, just real computers that have power but not fur or anything.

This is what I call: mobile computing. And some day, the computer will fit in your car window. That’s why they invented windows. Also cars. Also computers. But not hairdryers.

And all you need is a power cord that is super long and stretchy, like if you had a rope that just stretched, and was long. Like a tongue. Can you imagine how long it is? Good, remember that, we’ll discuss it later.

So plug it in, with the tongue rope plugged in to electricity. This is how you make a mobile computer. It doesn’t take a tennis pro to get it, you just have to think about it. That’s what I’ve been trying to say. What? Exactly.

Digitalization is soon happening

If you don’t think that digitalization isn’t happening, then think some more again. And if that doesn’t change your mind, then how about it?

It’s just the way it always was, in the future. I saw a movie in 3D, and it was so clear because the future will be in 3D. They haven’t even said what the 3rd dimension is yet, but soon it will. Next will be 3D touch.

Because everything can be digitalizationized. Computer information could become digital, if they can make them in 3D. In fact, 3D stands for 3 Digital.

If you can do something on paper, then you can do it on digital paper. I made a chart on digital paper. I am an expert at digital Yahtzee. There is a mode called Unlimited Yahtzee, which of course is the one I play. I’m like, “not just yes, but Yahtzee yes!” hahahahahahaha.

So this concludes our digitalization journey. And here we are, and there it is.

Bitcoin? more like Bitcoin’t

Just like most other billiomaires, I have a computer. If you don’t believe me, then just text me, and see if that works. It will, if you know what a computer is: electrical text.

Also like most other billiomaires, I put all of my money into bitcoin. It’s money that uses electricity, instead of paper. Think of coins in your pocket, but then imagine that with batteries. Do you think that is going away any time soon? Not with that attitude.

In conclusion, your dreams can only take you so far if you don’t have electricity for your coins. Power is literally free – you just plug something in and then you get the power. Same thing with water, air, gasoline, tacos, etc.

Computers can work

Obviously there are some things that you can’t do, like traveling back in time or walking backwards or something. But then there’s computers, and everything changed. With computers, you don’t just do things, you actually *calculate* them. So what does that mean: The Future.

In the future you can work or do some things, and it’s all on a computer. So no more lights and whistles, just keyboards and wires. Do you think you will sit at a desk in the computer future? Maybe, if it’s a desk where you work and you can get in the building. Have you ever even been to a building before? If not, you are in for a trick or treat, because buildings are also in the future. The future with computers, that is. So I think we all know where this is going, and I think we all want a ticket on this bicycle ride.

Computer Marketing Trends

Here comes the computer wagon!

Do I have your attention now? Yes. 

The secret for marketing is exactly that: marketing. In webster’s wikipedia, it says marketing is the act of *marketing* something to someone. So it’s just a matter of getting started, for dummies.

In the future you will have marketing happening on computers 24/7, seven days a week, 12 hours a day. If you are typing, it will do marketing too. If you are on the world wide web, you can have it. Marketing, that is. If you are sitting on top of a computer, then all the marketing will be literally on top of you. There’s no other way to say it: marketing, come and get it. 

For more information about trends, there are chart reports at my Kinko’s locker available for check out.

Computer ideas

Every day someone tells me I should be a business, that’s how many ideas I have. And I can tell you, the most important thing for a business is to be one. Can you argue with that?

So ideas are all about computer business, because a new company should be like a new computer: glossy. 

Nobody thinks the way I do, and they never will without serious risks like sleep apnea. I am making plans for a computer that is more than just a computer, it is also a calculator. And it will be digital this time. First mover’s advantage will get my market share into mid triple digits, but of course first comes marketing.

You can’t think of a business without first having marketing designs, which is why all the computer businesses are so old right now. Take Nike for example.

For now that is all I can say without infringing on my copyright, but as you know these things are sophisticated so you wouldn’t understand.  

Computers are the future

Back before computers were invented for Y2K, it was just another day. Nothing was electric or digital. My dad had a car, and it was literally just all metal and chemicals, but not modern or round at all. I even remember going to a restaurant/shoe store, and you would just walk in, and you could look everywhere, and if you saw a computer you would just say What is that a blender?

So yes, just ask me how it was.

And I have a friend in Reno, and whenever he sees airplanes he claps his left ear and shaves one side of his mustache. But he also has this other thing where he talks about how computers give us information about anything you want. I was like What about science? And he said IT IS science, because computers are scientific. Do you think he would lie, would he?

In conclusion, computers are calculating the future for everyone, here and now, here and there. Whether you are riding a bike, or eating flakes, it is real, if you have computers.